In the USA or around the world, TecStar has you covered. Neither Software development or Solution providing firms are unique, but TecStar is unique among them.

  • Leadership that knows the job (and does it!)
  • Employees that stand out for their skills and teamwork
  • TecStar invests in the future of technology
  • An in-depth understanding of technology challenges and how to overcome them
  • A 100% record of client satisfaction

Why we do it:

As past business owners and company managers, we have been on the other side of the desk. We know how much time is wasted trying to find the right person for the job. We have also been frustrated when we hired an imperfect candidate because we were running out of time on a project.

We understand how an endless line of interviews of “not quite right” candidates hurts productivity and profits. We know that the wrong person or the wrong skills can hurt even worse.

We also found that hiring a whole team of highly skilled, technical people was near impossible to do, so we created that team.

If you need an entire team of developers and testers, or just one excellent person, we are the right company to contact. Short or long term, you will never be disappointed.


TecStar’s primary office location is in Broomfield, CO, USA but we serve clients across the United States and the world.